Goldwater Project Participants


Goldwater Mission

To equip regional, area, and local water planners with quantitative results of the effectiveness of their past and potential conservation efforts to meet crucial supply markers set out in the Texas State Water Plan

Goldwater Team

Sen. Kip Averitt - Averitt & Associates
Carole Baker - Texas Water Foundation
Stephen Cortes, J.D. - Averitt & Associates

Goldwater Results

The result of the Goldwater Project will be a clear picture of where the Region stands in accomplishing its conservation goals and an avenue to carry out comprehensive efforts that make meeting the State Water Plan’s goals a reality.

Because the Project uses the same metrics and data set for each entity, the Regional report will be a valuable tool for the Regional Planning Group to make prudent and fiscally sound decisions at a macro level. We are also including stakeholders that represent the major entities, such as cities, MUDs, and water authorities, in the annual review and analysis of our Regional reports.

Goldwater Tracking Tool

The Water Conservation Tracking Tool utilizes data inputs that include system demands, avoided costs, and water conservation activities.

The Tracking Tool outputs allow the user to identify cost-effective programs, water savings potential, the impact to the utility’s revenue requirement, and energy cost reductions.